announcing KINDER IN COLOUR!

We want to bring together, Black people and people of colour to walk, dance, sing and take up space on Kinder Scout and highlight that this Green and Pleasant Land belongs to us too. We have a right to play, heal and connect with the countryside as anyone. Centring ritual, we want to heal the land and ourselves. We want to give prayers and thanks, share space so that our joy, healing and resistances are infused with the same spirituality that we feel when we connect to land. 


April 24th 2022 will mark the 90th anniversary of the 1932 Kinder Scout Mass Trespass. It was organised by the Young Communist League as a protest against the denial of access to open countryside. Several of the organisers faced racist abuse for their actions. Nearly a century later even with a small amount of rights of way available to ramblers, the countryside is still rife with barriers to access especially for Black People and People of Colour (BPOC). With this in mind, we want to celebrate the Kinder Scout legacy by creating a new culture for the countryside, one which is fully inclusive and embraces differences.

Photo: Muslim Hikers

To this day there is unequal access and it is vital that rural spaces are safe and welcoming to people of colour. So much of the culture associated with the countryside is rooted in class, colonialism and exclusion. What if we changed that? What if we could all contribute to creating a new culture which recognises humans as a part of nature, not something to protect nature from? What if this new culture looks to a revitalised and energised countryside where diversity or inclusivity isn’t seen as some urban fare? What if the countryside can become a place of healing and communing for all, a place that is accessible to all, and one that embraces all the multifaceted ways that humans can express care, play and joy?