On April 24th, we are hoping to create one of the largest countryside gatherings of People of Colour in English history! We are reaching out to BPOC groups across the country and want as many People of Colour as possible to come on the day.

This event is led by BPOC groups and centres their needs and contributions. Non-BPOC allies are of course welcome to attend in solidarity too.

Photo: Muslim Hikers.

The expense of travel is one of the many barriers people have to cross to access the countryside; if you’re interested in coming and want to jump on a coach, we’re gathering names and numbers so we can arrange that. Please let us know where you’re coming from and if you’d be interested.

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We are also in need of extra funds to help this event take place so if you are able to donate to Kinder In Colour, your support will be hugely appreciated. Any extra proceeds not used for the 24th April event will be given to charities working on access to the outdoors for Black People and People of Colour.


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Image: Nick Hayes